Mankind- Lower than the grass?

What follows is an amazing quote from renowned Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer, from his book, The God Who Is There. It is a perfect explanation of why the materialistic, anti-supernaturalistic worldview is an utter failure and most dismal of all possible worlds.

Imagine that a universe existed which was made up of only liquids and solids, and no free gases. A fish was swimming in this universe. This fish, quite naturally, was conformed to its environment, so that it was able to go on living. But let us suppose that by blind chance, as the evolutionists would have us believe, this fish developed lungs as it continued swimming in this universe without any gases. Now this fish would no longer be able to function and fulfill its position as a fish. Would it then be higher or lower in its new state with lungs? It would be lower, for it would drown. In the same way, if man has been kicked up by chance out of what is only impersonal, then those things that make him man- hope of purpose and significance, love, motions of morality and rationality, beauty and verbal communication- are ultimately unfulfillable and are thus meaningless. In such a situation, is man higher or lower? He would then be the lowest creature on the scale. The green moss on the rock is higher than he, for it can be fulfilled in the universe which exists. But if the world is what these men [naturalistic evolutionists] say it is, then man (not only individually but as a race), being unfulfillable, is dead. In this situation man should not walk on the grass, but respect it- for it is higher than he!

(From The Francis Schaeffer Trilogy, pp. 95-96)


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