Atheism is the rejection of any and all gods. People can hold a variety of worldviews within this spectrum, of course, but for a person’s worldview to be atheistic they must deny the existence of God or gods.  Atheists always have positive views inherent to their worldview, like “truth is knowable”, “human reason is reliable”, “life can come into existence without a designer/creator”, and so on and so forth, and in a debate setting they must be held to account for giving positive reasons for those beliefs they hold. Atheism is never merely a lack of belief, as some atheist debaters attempt to claim, but is a central tenet of an overall worldview. As a side note, that “overall worldview”, in the case of most atheists, tends to be what I call anti-supernaturalism, which I deal with in the next page on this site.

Atheism is becoming popular among the educated younger generation in the West right now, but it’s nothing new and it’s never remained in power as a “ruling paradigm” for very long. This is because of just how poorly it suffices in answering the questions of the human heart and just how badly it fails to line up with observed reality.

I’ve cataloged a list of  (hopefully) simple, concise statements of the various different proofs for God’s existence. This is not exhaustive, but just represents some of the best and most powerful arguments I’ve personally come across.

God is not intent on remaining hidden. However, he has hidden himself to the extent that those with a proud, arrogant and rebellious spirit will not find him. By those people he doesn’t even wish to be found. There is just enough evidence to make it inexcusable to deny God, but not quite enough to make it impossible.

So we have a choice to make. Will we follow in faith the clear evidence where it leads- directly to the throne room of God? Or will we choose to exercise the freedom of choice that God has given us to rebel against the truth and place our heads in the sand? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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