Darwinism / Evolution

Darwinism, as I use the term here, means the general concept in biology of ‘common descent’ from a single common ancestor to the vast diversity of life we have today. The full technical term for this belief is the “Neo-Darwinian Synthesis”, which includes the concept of natural selection working on random genetic mutation over time. Often in debates on this topic, equivocation happens when Darwinists use the term “evolution” in a fuzzy or poorly-defined way. Be alert to this.  In this context, evolution is not simply “change over time” or “change in allele frequencies over time”. Biblical creationists also acknowledge that life does vary and adapt over time. The issue is that Darwinists recognize no barriers to evolution at all, and assume that minor variations can add up over time to huge changes from simple single-celled organisms to full-fledged human beings. Science and math show us that there are indeed limitations to evolution and random mutations cannot produce new functional information and drive an increase in complexity over time.

Just as I pointed out with atheism, Darwinism is only a part of a greater overall worldview, and that greater overall worldview varies by the individual. In general, however, Darwinism serves as a tool or asset as part of a generally atheistic, or perhaps deistic, worldview. It is the academic attempt to provide a counter to the design argument for God. As famous atheist Richard Dawkins has said, evolution makes it possible to be an “intellectually-fulfilled atheist.” Before Darwin’s theory became popular, there was a gaping hole in the worldview of those who wanted to deny God- but now the easy retort to design in biology is supposedly provided. But has the design argument really been defeated by Darwin? No, by no means.

There is a great wealth of information on the internet and in print showing how Darwinism fails as an explanation for the diversity of life.  Let me recommend a few of the greatest books I’ve ever read on the topic.

                                                         Refuting Evolution
                                                    by. Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

This book serves as a great introduction to the basic arguments for Darwinism and why they fail. It’s a great place to start for beginners to the subject.

                     Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome
                                                       by Dr. J. C. Sanford

This is my personal favorite book on the topic of Darwinism and why it fails. It explains the concept of genetic entropy, which utterly destroys the idea that life is “evolving”, or becoming more ordered and complex, over time. It involves explaining the effect that mutations really have on life in the long run. Please consider watching this short video playlist which gives a simple overview of some of the main concepts of the book (and also consider reading the book yourself!).

Not By Chance! Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution by Dr. Lee Spetner

This book delves into some of the conceptual and mathematical problems inherent within the framework of the theory of evolution.

                                        Without Excuse by Dr. Werner Gitt


This is a great explanation of information and how it relates to the issue of genetics, showing how information can never come from a purely physical source but is always the product of intelligent minds.

For more resources on the issue of evolution online I recommend the following:








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