Mohammedanism (Islam)

The cult of Mohammed, known popularly now by the Arabic name of Islam, with cult members being known as Muslims, began in the 600’s A.D. in a surprisingly (or not-so-surprisingly, as the case may be) similar way to how Mormonism would wind up getting started about 1200 years later. A lone man in seclusion comes out claiming to have had an encounter with an angel of light, and then proceeds to start a new religion. In the process a lot of people get killed. In the case of Islam, people are still dying by the thousands on a regular basis because of the violence and division this cult has caused in the world. If there are any Muslims reading this: I do not hate you. My goal is to love you, and everyone, with the perfect love of Christ. If someone is trapped in falsehood, the most loving thing a person can do for them is to try to help them out of that falsehood and into the truth. You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

There are many good resources for answering the challenge of Islam out there, and I encourage the reader to search them out; however, I will mention a few basic points here explaining why I do not adhere to Islam.

1) Mohammed claimed to be a prophet of the same God that inspired the Bible, both old and new testaments, yet, just as Joseph Smith later did with Mormonism, Mohammed’s teachings differ quite radically from what the Bible clearly teaches. The Bible, being the earlier source and closer to the events in question by far, is naturally the more reliable source of the two. Muslims believe that the Bible has been corrupted, but there is no good evidence for that claim. There is very good reason to believe we have a reliable record of what the authors of the Bible originally wrote. For more on this, look at the works of the likes of Gary Habermas, Phil Fernandes, Lee Strobel and J. Warner Wallace, to name a few prominent examples.

2) Reading the account we have in the Hadith of the experience Mohammed had with the “angel” in the cave, it becomes clear that what Mohammed actually experienced was a demon, or perhaps even Satan himself. This is borne out by the fact that it was Mohammed’s own conclusion immediately after the event. Only after being coaxed by others did he come to accept that the revelation was from God- a revelation that would later come to have bloody and disastrous consequences, see below.

3) The Christian religion was spread in its earliest days by the apostles through their love, miracles and testimony. They were all but one put to death for their testimonies by Rome, yet the Church grew by leaps and bounds. This is a strong testament to the authenticity of their claims and the good and loving nature of their message. On the other hand, the great spread of Islam in its early days is a story primarily of warring clans. Mohammed became a warlord himself and spread the religion he started through the threat of death- a trend which has not stopped to this very day. This is a strong testament to the nature of the testimony itself.

4) Islam, just like all other world religions besides Christianity, has no concept of substitutionary atonement. It is a religion of works-based salvation, legalism and ritual, while Christianity teaches that God is so perfect that we could never meet God’s standard on our own. God has provided the necessary perfect sacrifice for our sins, and we can have assurance of salvation through genuine faith- not by relying on our works to save us. Muslims, on the other hand, have no such assurance and must depend on their own merits, as well as the arbitrary and unpredictable will of Allah, to save them. There’s no real hope to be found there, and hope is what we need.

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