Jehovah’s Witnesses (The Watchtower Cult)

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are well known all over the world for their profuse utilization of colorful printed pamphlets promoting their church and attempting to spread their religion door-to-door.



While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these methods, there is definitely something wrong with teaching heresy and false doctrine. They definitely do plenty of that, as well.

And while there are many errors in the teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the most egregious and heretical of them is that they teach Jesus is not God in the flesh, but rather an angel- a creation of God.  The idea that Jesus was created by God, and is not in fact God, originated very early in church history with a man named Arius, who spawned a huge controversy and was labeled, rightly so, a heretic, because he denied Jesus’ deity.


Strangely, JW’s even deny that Christ died on a cross! They say he died on a pole like this:

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Where did this great alleged misconception that Christ died on a  “cross” come from, if there was no crossbeam? And why does the Bible say “nails” in his hands, in John 20, if there was only one nail as you see drawn above?  The Watchtower literature will state that the Greek word, “stavros”, originally just meant a pole. But the fact that this was not the case with Jesus is evidenced by the uniform Christian tradition that Christ was crucified on a Roman cross (with, of course, the exception of the Watchtower organization, which only came into existence relatively late in history). This is also shown by the very early Christian writing known as the Epistle of Barnabas, dated within the first century AD. In it, we can read that Christ “stretched out his hands” on an actual cross (Ch. 12).

Other very important things Jehovah’s Witnesses deny:

-The existence of the soul apart from the body (they teach “soul sleep”)

-The physical resurrection of Christ from the dead (!)
(They teach he appeared to the disciples in spirit form only, in contradiction to the scriptures)

**Note: the Jehovah’s Witnesses also utilize a particular translation of the Bible which was specifically designed for their cult by their own members. Today they do not disclose who those translators were and what their credentials were. Suffice it to say that this translation- the New World Translation (NWT) is not accurate. It’s probably not going to be fruitful to enter into a debate about the NWT with JW’s unless they have some understanding of Koine Greek and you’ve got time to go into the original Greek text. This makes it difficult in a few places- like in John 1:1 where the NWT doesn’t read “… and the Word was God,” but rather, “.. and the Word was a god.” They introduce that variant in order to try to get around the clear teaching that Jesus (the Word) is God. I would just respond to that by asking them this: how many “gods” do you believe in? The Bible clearly says there is only one God. Basically it becomes more helpful to go to verses other than John 1:1 to avoid this rabbit-trail altogether- like John 1:3 where it says that nothing was created apart from Christ. What about Christ? Can someone create themselves? No, because Christ was never created but is the one eternal God.

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